ECHC 2021

XXIX European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry

 Virtual Event    April 26-28, 2021

Previous events

The European Colloquium on Heterocyclic Chemistry (ECHC) has a long history. Its start goes back to the beginning of the seventies of the last century. It was, indeed, in Mons, Belgium, that in 1974 the first ECHC was organized on the initiative of Prof. Andrè Maquestiau (Mons, Belgium), Jean Deschamps (Pau, France) and Jacques V. Metzger (Marseille, France). The leading idea was that ECHC could offer chemists interested to heterocyclic chemistry, coming from the academy as well as from industry, the chance to get togheter every year or second year, present and discuss about research works going on in their laboratories, exchange ideas, promote confrontation, stimulate cooperation till the realization of cooperative programs and scientific joint ventures. 

The meeting was mainly attended by french speaking people of the geographical area of the proposers. The first scientific event earned a great deal of interest so that it was decided unanimously to go on and the Colloquia that followed with annual recurrence in different places, all, however, belonging to the french speaking area, experienced a steadly increasing number of participants in meetings that took place in Pau (1975) (chairman Prof. Jean Deschamps), Montpellier (1976) (chairman Prof. Robert Jacquier), Lille (1977) (chairman Prof. A. Lablache-Combier), Louvain-la-Neuve (1978) (chairman Prof. H. Viehe), Lyon (1979) (chairman Prof. A. Laurent), Mulhouse (1980) (chairman Prof. J. Streith), Marseille (1981) (chairman Prof. J. Metzger), Rennes (1982) (chairman Prof. R. Carrié and Bruxelles (1983) (chairman Prof. A. Maquestiau). The effort of Prof. Robert Jacquier (Montpellier) contributed considerably in bringing this series on its way.

The first meeting organized outside the french speaking area was held in Germany at Kaiserslautern (1984) by Prof. Manfred Regitz and his coworkers. This meeting celebrated the 10th anniversary of ECHC. Successive Colloquia organized at Ferrara (Italy) (1985) by Prof. Alessandro Dondoni and Reims (France) (1986) by Prof. Josselin Chuche gave the Colloquium a european dimension. The high number of participants that characterized each meeting proved that the ECHC was an attractive scientific event for scientists from both academy and industry.

All the successive meetings, starting with Fribourg (Switzerland) (1988) (chairman Prof. Albert Gossauer), were biennal including Toledo (Spain) (1990) (chairman Prof. Josè Elguero), Noordwijkerhout (the Netherlands) (1992) (chairman Prof. Henk C. van der Plas), Bled (Slovenia) (1994) (chairmen Proff. Branko Stanovnik & Miha Tisler), Regensburg (Germany) (1996) (chairman Prof. Gottfried Markl), Rouen (France) (1998) (chairman Prof. Guy Queguiner), Aveiro (Portugal) (2000) (chairman Prof. Josè Cavaleiro), Stockholm (Sweden) (2002) (chairman Prof. Jan Bergman), Budapest (Hungary) (2004) (chairman Prof. Gyorgy Hajos), Bari (Italy) (2006) (chairman Prof. Saverio Florio), Antwerp (Belgium) (2008) (chairmen Proff. Guy Lemière & Maes Bert), Vienna (Austria) (2010) (chairmen Proff. Johannes Frohlich & Marko D. Mihovilovich), Reading (UK) (2012) (chairman Laurence Harwood), Amsterdam (The Netherlands) (2016) (chairmen Proff. Romano Orru & Eelco Ruijter). Unfortunately, the 26th Colloquium ECHC-2014, programmed for Praha (Czech Republic), could not be organized.

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